Last Minute Wedding Checklist for the Groom

When it comes to weddings, everybody talks about the bride and how the wedding is her big day but it's none less for our dear groom. It is his most significant day as well. The anticipation, and excitement paired with a bit of nervousness all describe a perfect wedding FOMO! 

With so much to pre-plan and execute for your big day, there is hardly any time for our groom to think and layout his wedding checklist for the most exciting day of his life and that is why we have specially curated a last-minute wedding checklist for our Indian grooms to get through their big day without any hiccups.

  • Finalize your outfits and accessories
  • Outfits are the most time-consuming element of wedding shopping and therefore we suggest you always go for wedding ensemble shopping the first thing as soon as your date is finalized. Ideally, you should begin shopping for wedding outfits 3 months before the occasion, so you and your partner get enough time to browse through options, go for designer outfit options if you want to and get desired alterations well in advance.

    To avoid any hassle during your wedding festivities, make sure you follow the last-minute wedding checklist in India.

    It is not just the buy sherwani, but make sure all your outfits for each function are paired with the right accessories, footwear and overall looks.

    Before you get started with the wedding functions, keep all your outfits ready to be worn with proper steam ironing and attire hanging. 

    It’s not just the outfits you need during your wedding that need to be taken care of, make sure you have your post-wedding outfits sorted as well. Be it your reception look, dinner date looks, party outfits with friends and get-together attires, you should have them ready well in advance just like your partner.

  • Grooming Essentials
  • Grooming for men is quite mandatory be it any occasion they attend. A good haircut that suits your face type, a perfectly set beard and a good facial is basic grooming our handsome groom can do before his big day. Getting a manicure, pedicure and a nice massage to calm your body and mind is often suggested by wedding experts and stylists.

    Make sure to groom yourself one week before your wedding and always go for your signature looks when it comes to haircut and beard. If you’re someone with sensitive skin, do not go for any chemical treatments and exfoliation on your face and body.

    When it comes to an extensive last-minute wedding checklist, grooming is an important point to include for both groom and bride.

  • Emergency kit
  • Ask your groom squad to pack a small and spacious bag that will stay with you during the entire wedding week. 


    An emergency wedding kit for the groom contains a small toiletry bag with all the essentials, a comb, hair spray, a pair of tiny scissors, a razor/trimmer, a hair dryer, some fresh towels, 1-2 sets of loungewear, lip balm and sun protection for day festivities like sunscreen, body SPF. 

    Do not forget to add a pair of good sunglasses. A daytime and nighttime fragrance in case your signature scent is inaccessible to you.

    An emergency first aid kit with medicine for headaches, pain relief spray, band-aids, tape, pain-killer, antacid, multi-vitamins and a paracetamol tablet.

    You can always go for some ready-to-eat snacks and food items in your emergency kit like energy bars, sodas, healthy snacks and whatever you like to have in case you feel hungry anytime. 

    Lastly, do not skip on some mouth freshener or mints to have fresh breath all day long.

  • Fragrance
  • Opting for the fragrance for your wedding day is kind of a big deal as it is often said each fragrance has a memory associated with it that transcends you to those special moments each time you smell it. 

    Fragrance is a personal choice and when you go shopping for your signature scent, do not get overwhelmed by several options and pick the one you like that will suit you the most.

    A long-lasting cologne, a fresh-smelling deodorant and a good EDT or EDP will add to your fragrance collection for the last-minute wedding checklist in India.

    There are numerous other things; big and small to look after before and during the wedding like checking on bookings, vendors, makeup artists, performers, DJs and sound, lights, caterers, decorators, etc. 

    This last-minute wedding checklist will make sure you have everything in place and focus on enjoying each festivity and ritual with full zeal.

    Always remember a wedding is just an event and what counts the most is how happy you are to marry and start your forever with someone special.

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    Happy wedding planning!

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