About Us

In the labyrinth of Lucknow, where echoes of history dance through narrow lanes, Bhasin Brothers is not just a brand – it's a stitched symphony, weaving our narrative into the city's very fabric. From a modest venture in 1950 to an epitome of sartorial grandeur, our journey unfolds like a timeless tapestry.

Aminabad Chronicles, 1950: Where Dreams Wove into Reality

Post-partition, the Bhasin family, fueled by vibrant dreams, found a haven in Lucknow. In the heart of Aminabad's Mohan Market, our inaugural store emerged – a sanctuary of men's fabrics. Draping the city in exquisite textiles, a legacy unfurled, destined to withstand the sands of time.

A Stitch in Time, 2010: Unveiling Women's Wear with Grace

Decade after decade, we embraced change not as a foe but a companion. The pivotal year 2010 witnessed a transformative shift, expanding our horizons to include women's wear and readymade garments. More than a strategic move, it was an ode to the evolving tastes of our patrons.

Symphony of Tradition and Trend: Today's Bhasin Brothers

Now, a symbol of timeless elegance, Bhasin Brothers curates ethnic wear for both men and women. Rooted in historic Aminabad and thriving in modern Patrakar Puram, our stores transcend retail – they are immersive experiences where tradition harmonizes with trend.

The Heartbeat of Our Collection: Ethanic Wear for Every Soul

Our commitment lies in ethanic wear – a fusion of ethnic and organic defining the modern Indian wardrobe. Meticulously blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair, each piece resonates with the dynamic spirit of our patrons.

Crafting Tomorrow's Classics: Where Heritage Meets Style

Synonymous with ethanic wear, Bhasin Brothers is more than a store; it's a heritage custodian, a style curator, and a haven for those embracing the allure of ethnic fashion. Amid changing trends, our dedication to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction remains steadfast.

Join Us in Crafting Stories: Tradition and Trend, One Thread at a Time

Step into our ever-evolving story at Bhasin Brothers, where every garment celebrates heritage, and every patron becomes part of our tale.